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Founded by Daniel Newstead, Brisbane based Omegachild Productions delivers leading edge music production, mixing, composition and recording services. Taking your work to the forefront of current industry standards, Omegachild Productions is able to work with any specific style or combination of styles. We specialize in breaking through conventional boundaries and assist you in expanding upon the genuine and unshakable core of your creativity.


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"Daniel Newstead is a masterful, understanding and gifted producer and musician. He treats his work with unshakable professionality, connecting with artists on a deep level of creativity. He is fantastic at helping you to take a great idea to a whole new level, while retaining the integrity of your creative essence. Daniel takes the ego out of the equasion, and helps you to get to where you want to be. He knows what he's doing, and he's truly kick ass. Period."
Manny J. Cole - Manny Molecular
"Daniel Newstead is the fifth dimension in music production. He picks up and enhances every nuance of a spoken word piece with music, creating drama and excitement. His version of Quantum Love is astonishing and,deservedly award-winning. He is easily the most talented producer with whom I have ever worked. Thanks for everything!"
Larissa Shmailo - Spoken word Poet (NYC)
"This is amazing! Daniel consistantly, no matter what genre he brings me, makes my job easy. The mixes are some of the best I have ever worked on. He has mastered a plethora of styles and can make any track (pop, rock, hip hop... you name it) come to life. Be safe in the knowledge that putting your music in these hands will make you shout the same expletives I always do when I hear it for the first time."
Dominic McGlinn - DOMC Mastering
"Dan Newstead is a beast on the boards. Patient and engaging, Dan isn’t happy until each mix is not only right to his ears but also the clients. Undeniably gifted at his craft whilst bringing a unique and creative sound, Daniel gives each project he works on its own character. Humble and humorous, he is always a pleasure to be in the studio with. From Rock to Hip hop, there is nothing that this guy can’t breathe his magic into taking a great idea to new levels of sonic enjoyment. A truly gifted engineer."
MulesMecca - Producer & Music Director, 5 Arrow Productions

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